Company Overview

We believe on establishing a long term relationships with our clients and serve them excellence & quality work, integrity and trust. One of the greatest benefits working with our company is that we take care of quality of material, loading, inspection and logistics. No matter where you are located we always give best competitive prices. This is an added benefit for those large industrial companies that don’t have the plastic recycling raw material available locally on the scale that they require.

Our Skills and Experience

  • As a plastics processing, We have the ability to follow instructions and production schedules, the ability to work accurately, good concentration levels for repetitive tasks, good teamworking skills, the ability to work without constant supervision, an awareness of health and safety, good eyesight for checking the quality of finished items.
  • Now a days the majority of plastics are easy to recycle into new products. Our company dedicated to the buying plastic scrap for recycle purposes. Our main objective is to facilitate and streamline the buying and selling process.
  • We facilitate companies in disposing their plastic waste with respect for our environment. We are at the disposal of companies which sell their plastic materials. At the same time we can assist companies looking for plastic also.

Fullfilled Consignment

As per our Companies Objectives and Policy the loading of the material has to be inspected and regularly checked by our staff. We take proper care of loading the material and make it a point that the said material is free of oil and extra contamination.And regularly picture of the loading work is taken to assure the quality service.

Colour XLPE
PVC Regrind
Soft PVC
XLPE Lumps
PE Lumps
Off Grade Granules